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No One Should Commit Suicide Over Debt

There was recently some news about a Seattle area teacher faking being assaulted. The reason behind it has finally come out. “Age old story of finances. I had a bunch of debt…Had a mountain of debt and was scrambling, rob Peter to pay Paul. And it was snowballing. Finally came clean with my wife on it. And was in the process of refinancing the house. The refinancing was going through and everything. And I think I got tired. Financing was going through. That would be taken care of. Had retirement and 401k and so forth. So that things would be stable. And if I wasn’t there the other things would take care of them.” You can see the full article here: http://www.king5.com/news/local/bothell-teacher-explains-why-he-made-up-attack/312226553.

Debt affects approximately 80% of Americans. That is debt from credit cards, student loans, hospital bills, etc. Unfortunately debt has become a normal part of life in America. It can be overwhelming with the average household carrying 90k+ in debt. Bankruptcy can seem harsh and drastic to people. But it is only one alternative to your debt issues. There is negotiating with your creditors, debt counseling, and consolidation. Nowhere in the above options is suicide. That is NOT a solution to debt or any problem.

If you are one of the millions of people who has accumulated debt first, know there is no shame in that and second look into the ways that exist to help you manage your debt.

If you feel you are in a crisis, whether or not you are thinking about killing yourself, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


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