Want to Learn?

We love to teach. Our classes are general classes to provide information on different topics. We also host Q&A sessions. Classes and sessions are typically offered online as a webinar but every so often we bring you a live in person class or workshop you can attend IRL. This gives you the opportunity to take a class anywhere and you get to ask some questions during the classes.

Topics and Schedule

Topics include, how to do your own divorce, wedding laws, starting a business basics, and prenup myths.

Currently our schedule is under construction but check back here and/or follow us on social media for schedules, topics, and more.

Wedding and Prenups

These classes focus on law around weddings, important questions to ask before marriage, and prenup myths.

Divorce and Family

These classes focus on divorce basics, DIY divorce, and parenting and custody issues.

Small Business

These classes focus on starting up, business formations and entities, as well as contract issues.

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