Copy of me·di·a·tion (noun)

Did you know that in Washington State mediators are not required to be certified? Strange, but true. Don’t worry though, Kristina is certified in mediation through the state of Texas where everything is bigger. Having an experienced attorney as your mediator is beneficial because they know the legal system and they know how these issues tend to play out in court. Having that insight can be very valuable during the mediation process.

Mediation can be used in all sorts of areas: family law, consumer complaints, landlord/ tenant disputes, business contract disputes, and collections.

One of the great things about mediation is that it is flexible. Mediation can happen in person, over the phone, or using video conference.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way to negotiate solutions to disputes in a cost effective manner. It is often cheaper to mediate an issue than to litigate it. The great news is that Sassy Litigation only does Pro Se mediation. What does that mean? Well Pro Se is just a fancy word for unrepresented, meaning you do not have an attorney. That means you do not need an attorney to do mediation. Each party pays half the cost of the mediation so no one person is responsible for the total bill. This is a more cost effective method than having each party pay for their own attorney, court costs, and filing fees.

What is the Mediator's Job?

The mediator’s job is to facilitate communication and to create a safe place for negotiations. The mediator is a neutral person who works to make sure each person has a chance to be heard, shows respect for each one’s values and feelings, and explores workable solutions with you to your disagreements.

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