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Practice Areas

Sassy Litigations practices in several areas of law to meet the needs of our clients; those areas include: family law, wedding law, wills, small business, and mediation. Click on each individual area to learn more about our services and prices for that area.

Sassy Litigations offers a 50 minute in person consultation to gather information about your case and review any important documents that you may have. These consultations are $150.00 payable by cash or money order. Sassy Litigations also offers our 50 minute consultations over video conference. With video conferencing you can have a consultation without leaving your office or home. Video consultations are available after hours and on weekends if necessary to meet the needs of our clients.

Sassy Litigations operates in flat fees and under an unbundled services model. Unbundled or “A La Carte” services allows clients to only pay for services they need. Whether that is having an attorney review paperwork, draft documents, or help you prepare for a hearing or trial. The best part of unbundled services is the client has control over their finances. All fees are discussed at the beginning for a flat rate. Unbundled services also gives the client the chance to handle portions of their case on their own if they so choose.

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