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Death. It will happen to all of us. ALL OF US. Now that that bombshell of a revelation has been dropped let’s talk about why this is important. Most people know what a will is and what it does but the majority of people do not have one. That is not responsible. Let’s try to be responsible adults.

A will is more than determining who gets your “stuff” when you are gone. It can make life a little easier for those you leave behind. Your wishes will be laid out and that will hopefully keep the family fighting to a minimum. You get to decide who will handle your estate. If you are a single parent with minor children a will is the place where you can outline who will take care of your children when you are no longer around.

Most people only need a basic will. If you are in good health, under 50, and do not think you will owe estate tax when you die a basic will is probably enough.

Other Estate Documents

Not only can Sassy Litigations help you with a basic will but we can help you with other important documents. A Power of Attorney lets you choose someone to make decisions for you if you become injured or sick. There are two types; one for finances and one for health.

A Health Care Directive (Living Will), let’s you choose the end-of-life medical procedures you do not wish to have if you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious. You can decide treatments such as feeding tubes, ventilators, and CPR.

Have You Thought of a Digital Will?

Now that you know a bit more about being a responsible adult lets go a bit farther. Have you thought about what will happen to your digital assets? As technologically savvy as the Seattle area is most people are not thinking about creating a digital will. So what exactly is a digital will, what do you want to happen to your Facebook and Twitter accounts? What about your iTunes music or your domain names? Your email and online shopping accounts?  A digital will can help you pass on digital assets as well as provide for how you want certain assets or accounts disposed of or shut down.

How Does It Work?

Getting your will is very simple. Once you decide which documents you want to purchase you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out. Then your will and/or other documents will be drafted. Once drafted they will be sent to you for a review. Once you approve they will be finalized. It is up to you to get your documents notarized. Sassy Litigations will not notarized or store your documents. 

Next Steps...

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