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The world needs more people like Kristina.

The world needs more people like Kristina. She has great compassion, understanding, and character; and went out of her way,… Read more “The world needs more people like Kristina.”


I highly recommend her as an advocate.

Kristina Larry helped me successfully navigate a very stressful landlord-tenant dispute. She was knowledgeable about the law and gave me… Read more “I highly recommend her as an advocate.”


I recommend Sassy Litigations to anyone in need of high quality legal help.

I am so thankful for Kristina’s support and expertise in my separation case. Even uncontested separation can be complicated and… Read more “I recommend Sassy Litigations to anyone in need of high quality legal help.”


Thank You…

Thank you for being caring, for as most of the Attorneys have only been looking to make money.


My experience… has been Life Changing

My experience with working with Sassy Litigations has been Life changing on so many positive levels for us. Kristina’s dedication… Read more “My experience… has been Life Changing”


Amazing Job

“You did an amazing job for me on converting my separation to divorce.”

N.J. - Tacoma


“Thank you so much! I am very appreciative of your work, time and energy. This has been such a long… Read more “Amazing”

L.A. - Woodinville

You were Heaven sent

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me! You were Heaven sent and I couldn’t have… Read more “You were Heaven sent”

S.A.-Federal Way

Keep up the good work!!! 

Miss Larry, I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you today! Our meeting was very informational… Read more “Keep up the good work!!! “

E.M. -Edgewood

Why Choose Sassy Litigations?

No one likes to deal with lawyers, lawyers don’t even like to deal with lawyers. If you have to hire a lawyer that means that some part of your life is probably falling apart. And that is not a good thing. Sassy Litigations doesn’t have “lawyers” it only has one lawyer.




Kristina Larry, started Sassy Litigations as a way to break the norm of how people look at lawyers. The goal is to make things easier for you, not harder. That is why Sassy Litigations believes in fee transparency (no retainers, unbundled or “A La Carte” services so you, the client, only pay for the services you need and there are flat fees , who doesn’t love a flat fee?), making meetings convenient for you (that means I can come to you, you can come to me, or we can talk via technological means) and affordable pricing (not to be read as cheap or free but the aim is not to break your bank account) without sacrificing the quality.

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Next Steps...

So if you are…

  • venturing out and starting a business
  • in need of a trademark for your brand
  • getting married and want to protect your assets
  •  finally getting around to getting that will you should have done years ago
  • have baby mama or daddy drama
  • are looking to unload your spouse
  • having some other family or business issue

Sassy Litigations can help!