Can my ashes be spread there?

It seems more and more people are choosing to be cremated when they die. At least that is the case in the wills that I draft. Most people have a place they want their ashes scattered. But the question then becomes, can your ashes be scattered there?

Last year I read an article about how people are spreading the ashes of their loved ones around Disneyland/world. Apparently it is a highly popular area to spread ashes. However, it is illegal to do that there and if the ashes are seen, they get vacuumed up. Not exactly what your loved one probably wanted.

Another popular choice seems to come up is having the ashes spread in Hawaii or at sea. Ashes can be scattered at sea provided you follow some specific rules and in some cases you may need to check with the EPA. Seems many people do this from cruise ships, again you need make sure you follow the rules of the ship you are on. As for Hawaii as long as you are not having a crowd you are free to scatter, still check local rules though.

So what about here in Washington? For the most you scatter where you wish as long you get permission if you do not own the land. Many cemeteries now offer gardens or places where you can spread ashes.

If you are like the majority of Americans you have not made a will or thought about what you want to happen after you die. It is best not to wait it is the responsible thing to do and it doesn’t take long.

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