Divorce Attorney Doesn’t Mean Anti-Marriage

I’ve never been married, therefore I have never been divorced. So I cannot say I completely understand what my clients go through when they are divorcing. I can image. I can empathize. I can listen. But I cannot say I know what it feels like.
I recently purchased the Humans of New York book. Now, me buying this book was a big deal because I stopped buying books many many years ago as I decided to only use the fabulous resource known as the library. But I needed this book, the stories are so compelling. Reading through the stories, quotes, and observations one stayed with me.
There was something about this that just made my heart break a little. I deal with divorce on a pretty daily basis. I hear every day how they didn’t want the divorce but their spouse did. But this put it in a different light for me. It made it so very clear what it was like for someone going through a divorce, especially the one who didn’t have a choice.
See I think people believe that divorce attorneys are anti marriage. That we stalk weddings handing out cards and telling people to call us in 7 years. That we root for marriage to fail. That we thrive off of unhappy couples. Whenever someone asks me how business is and I say “it’s going well” people always give me some variation of “well considering what you do, I guess that’s good?” Sorry but I’m getting joying from people’s lives getting turned upside down. That is not me. I believe in marriage. I root for marriage. I hate the thought of marriages failing. I would happily be put out of job if it meant divorces were a thing of the past. But I do realize the world we live in and I do realize that divorce is something that will continue to happen so if I can help people through what is one of the most stressful events of their lives I will continue to do so. I know that my firm and I can offer people something that they cannot get else and that is why I handle divorces.
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