“I Do Not Own the Rights To This Music”

You have undoubtedly seen the above phrase posted on numerous videos on social media. I have seen it so many times it drives me crazy. I have done a video on this topic once but I feel people still are not getting it so I need to talk about it again.

Why are people doing it?

If you are not familiar; people who post a video or slide show or any content that uses music, are posting this phrase as a way to get out of copyright infringement. They believe, because they saw it on social media, that they are doing the right thing. They are saying they don’t own the rights therefore they are off the hook if anyone claims they are stealing their work. Well, they are wrong.

But why are they wrong?

Admitting you do not own something is not the same as getting permission to actually use something. Really what you are doing is admitting you stole someone else’s work and you are using it without permission.

What to do instead?

If there really is some music that you must use, then get permission. In writing. Otherwise find some royalty free music that you can use legally. Or simply just don’t use the music.

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