Divorce Selfies Are A Good Thing

A few years ago after finishing a divorce trial my client wanted a selfie. At first I was taken aback but then I realized that was a really good thing. A divorce is a very painful, trying, exhausting process; and if you are lucky enough to make it out still wanting a picture with your ex then you are doing something right.
It is a good thing to see adults still being able to act like adults after a divorce. As a divorce lawyer I often see and hear the name calling, belittling comments, the rage that goes on between divorcing couples. They cannot speak to each so instead they communicate through their attorneys, which can be a very expensive mode of communication and extremely unstainable when you have children. Being able to still respect each other enough to continue to co parent is a beautiful thing.
Even if you don’t have children being about to walk away from the person you vowed to love forever and still be friendly is a sign of growth and maturity. You are still able to be cordial with the person and it shows that you have to point of contentment.
Divorce selfies are also a sign of joy. Joy that the horrible divorce process is over. It really is an event to mark with a picture. You have been through a lot, not only with the divorce but also with the unhappy marriage that you have been in. This is the reason divorce parties have become so big. It’s a big life change and in this day in age we like to document everything we do.
While the divorce selfie trend may seem strange to some, it really can be a healthy way to end a divorce.
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